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Group Sleep Masterclass 

Access my top strategies and ask me your sleep questions 
1 hr  
Have you been left sleep-deprived because your baby needs your help to fall asleep or return to sleep ? Let me help. 
My 1hr, sell-out masterclasses are designed to focus on you helping your baby become a more confident sleeper. 
I can help with: 
Your baby falling asleep or returning to sleep without your support 
Ensuring your baby gets enough sleep 
Getting through the bedtime routine without tears 
Your baby sleeping right through the night 
Reducing/ eliminating the need to rock or feed to sleep 
Developing effective nap and bedtime routines 
Masterclasses are facilited by me, in small groups so you will have the opportunity to ask your sleep questions 
You’ll learn my top sleep strategies, enabling you to fully enjoy the experience of being a parent. 
Following the masterclass, you'll be equipped with practical, no tears strategies and expert advice based on the latest sleep research. All you’ll need to help your baby become an independent and confident sleeper. 
What is included: 
Strategies to help your baby and toddler fall asleep independently 
Effective nap and bedtime routines 
How to reduce/ eliminate night wakings 
Gentle ways to reduce/ eliminate the need to rock or feed to sleep 
"The sleep plan was very gentle and completely adapted to his needs.  
It felt very flexible and we were eased into it perfectly" 
Michael, Olly's Daddy (1 year old ) 
Not sure which package is right for you? 
Complete the Sleep Assessment and I will help you decide. 
We can even have a call before you book should you need to seek more 
advice. I will always suggest the best option for your family, whether that be 
long-term support or a one-off call. 
Marta Gardner gentle sleep consultant
My Approach 
For over ten years I have helped hundreds of parents just like you to support their children become independent sleepers. 
My baby and toddler sleep training strategies have been developed through years of experience and training. By learning from each individual child I have helped, I have created the most effective gentle sleep method. 

Got any questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns, head to my FAQs to find out more about my approach or take a look at my  
Google Reviews to read real life experiences from my previous clients. 
You can also find me on Facebook. Instagram and in my Sleepy Parents Facebook Group where you can gain tips,  
advice and support from myself and hundreds of parents as sleepy as you! 
Marta Gardner gentle sleep consultant | Sleep masterclass
Marta Gardner gentle sleep consultant | Sleep masterclass
Marta Gardner gentle sleep consultant | Sleep masterclass
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