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Follow up Consultations 

For parents who have booked a Sleep Consultation in the last six months 
Generally, parents are more than ready to say goodbye at the end of the 2 weeks support but, children's sleep can be unpredictable!  
My follow up consultations are perfect to address sleep issues as soon as they arise. After all, we already know and trust each other and can quickly get you back on track  
Common reasons for Follow Up Consultations 
Moving home 
Transition to their own room or bed 
A new baby in the family 
Developmental milestones  
Significant change in schedule  
Behavioural changes 
Night terrors and nightmares 
We will find solutions for your current sleep worries and revise your little one's Sleep Plan. 
With my no tears sleep methods you’ll become confident knowing when your child needs to sleep, creating a predictable routine that gives you rest and confidence as a parent. 
I will analyse your Sleep Assessment before the consultation so we can spend the 30mins/1h focusing on your solutions.  
By the end of the call you will have all you need to help your child get back on track. 
We already know and trust each other. And you have seen that better sleep without tears IS possible!  
Now, let's build on your work so far and help you all get the restful sleep you deserve  
Follow up Consultation - one hour 
By the end of the consultation, you will have all you need to help your child get back on track 
Follow up Consultation with 1 week Follow up Support  
One hour Consultation plus, daily contact for a week 
Perfect if you are feeling overwelmed, tired and in need of motivation 
I will be on hand, every day to guide you to better sleep 
We can speak on the phone, via zoom and messages 
"The sleep plan was very gentle and completely adapted to his needs.  
It felt very flexible and we were eased into it perfectly" 
Michael, Olly's Daddy (1 year old ) 
Not sure which package is right for you? 
Complete the Sleep Assessment and I will help you decide. 
We can even have a call before you book should you need to seek more 
advice. I will always suggest the best option for your family, whether that be 
long-term support or a one-off call. 
Marta Gardner gentle sleep consultant
My Approach 
For over ten years I have helped hundreds of parents just like you to support their children become independent sleepers. 
My baby and toddler sleep training strategies have been developed through years of experience and training. By learning from each individual child I have helped, I have created the most effective gentle sleep method. 

Got any questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns, head to my FAQs to find out more about my approach or take a look at my  
Google Reviews to read real life experiences from my previous clients. 
You can also find me on Facebook. Instagram and in my Sleepy Parents Facebook Group where you can gain tips,  
advice and support from myself and hundreds of parents as sleepy as you! 
Marta Gardner gentle sleep consultant | Sleep consultation
Marta Gardner gentle sleep consultant | Sleep consultation
Marta Gardner gentle sleep consultant | Sleep consultation
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