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"The sleep plan was very gentle and completely adapted to his needs.  
It felt very flexible and we were eased into it perfectly" 
Michael, Olly's Daddy (1 year old ) 
As a Sleep Consultant, it would be easy to assume my children sleep like angels. But like all parents, I’ve experienced 
my fair share of sleepless nights! 
My children didn’t sleep either! 
Laura, baby one was a committed bedsharer. My bedroom became a mattress store and there she stayed until 
preschool when she suddenly self-declared she was too old to sleep with Mummy! We both enjoyed bedsharing so 
no problems there! 
Then came Mossy (baby 2) and Ernie (baby 3). Four years apart, my boys were both born with health conditions 
which affected their sleep (oh the irony...), so it’s safe to say my approach has been well and truly tested. 
The first 18 months of both their lives were spent fighting against controlled crying methods and coping with 
Mossy’s reflux and, subsequently, Ernie’s sleep apnoea. 
Like many parents, I had put my children and career first and became exhausted. Thankfully my wonderful husband 
encouraged me to start practicing self care which gave me the boost I needed to start using my tear-free sleep 
Within weeks I was a new woman! Finally enjoying work, my relationship and parenting. 
With my gentle sleep method I swapped: 
Sleepless nights for peaceful bedtimes 
Daytime exhaustion for a refreshed sense of energy 
Stress on my relationship for a more loving life 
Self doubt and uncertainty for reclaimed confidence 
Pressure to be a better Mummy for relaxed, loving parenting 
Life is never perfect - I still sometimes suffer the odd night of sleep deprivation - but with tried and tested 
knowledge on overcoming continuous sleep problems, I can now handle the cause confidently. 

Marta's Qualifications  

OCN Paediatric Sleep Consultant Level 4 
NCT Antenatal Teacher 
Bsc Psychology 
NSPCC Supporting Parents during Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond 
NSPCC Excessive Crying 
Paediatric First Aid 
Brief Solution Focused Therapy 
Information Advice and Guidance Level 4 
3 Sleep Resistant Children! 
Current DBS & Insurance 
Now I’m lucky enough to work with hundreds of parents year after year to help them regain control of their baby’s  
sleep routine and say goodbye to sleep deprivation. 
That is what I would love for your family 
It would be an honour to be by your side, with no judgment, just a whole lot of understanding and all the strategies  
you need to change your life and let you get back to what’s really important - enjoying the wonderful gift of parenting. 
By working with me, you will benefit from all I have learned from my sleep resistant children, together with my 
qualifications and over ten years’ of experience helping parents just like you who no longer suffer from sleepless nights. 
Get in touch today to find out more about how I can help you and your child become  
tear - free confident sleepers 
Got any questions? 
If you have any questions or concerns, head to my FAQs to find out more about my approach or take a look at my  
Google Reviews to read real life experiences from my previous clients. 
You can also find me on Facebook. Instagram and in my Sleepy Parents Facebook Group where you can gain tips,  
advice and support from myself and hundreds of parents as sleepy as you! 
"The sleep plan was very gentle and completely adapted to his needs.  
It felt very flexible and we were eased into it perfectly" 
Michael, Olly's Daddy (1 year old ) 
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