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"The sleep plan was very gentle and completely adapted to his needs.  
It felt very flexible and we were eased into it perfectly" 
Michael, Olly's Daddy (1 year old ) 

My Approach 

My baby and toddler sleep training strategies have been developed through years of experience and training. 
By learning from each individual child I have helped, I have created the most effective gentle sleep method

For over ten years I have helped hundreds of parents just like you to support their children become independent sleepers 

As a qualified Sleep Expert (and mum of three!), I understand the 
pressure you are under. Pressure to succeed at work, at home, in 
your relationship and, most of all, as a parent. 
So when your little one experiences sleep problems, it can make 
life overwhelming. 

Make sleepless nights a thing of the past for you and your child 

With my support, you will become confident identifying when your 
baby needs to sleep. 
This will result in a predictable routine that you are both happy 
with and your baby will be able sleep soundly in their cot / where 
you would like them to. 
I will guide you back to a routine where you are in control, 
where you feel well rested and most importantly, where you can 
regain confidence as a parent

Your gentle sleep solution 

As your child’s Sleep Consultant, I will assess their individual needs 
and your concerns to create a personalised sleep plan 
specifically for your family. 
I will provide the knowledge and proven strategies you need to 
help your baby form strong sleep pathways and together we will 
teach your little one to be a tear-free, independent sleeper. 
Ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights? Book a free discovery call with me and start your journey to confident sleeping 

The problem with self-soothing 

Parents are often told that babies learn to sleep by self-soothing. This is based on outdated,  
often quite harsh, sleep training methods. 
The evidence is clear, babies are unable to self-soothe as this area of the brain is not yet developed.  
Allowing them to cry unattended makes them feel unsafe and unheard. 
One of our roles as parents is to help our children create a healthy pathway to sleep. And the best way to do  
this is by providing a nurturing, predictable routine. By being close to our children when they need us and by  
helping our children feel safe enough to fall asleep. 

Tear-free gentle sleep 

This doesn’t mean gentle sleep methods are inefficient. On the contrary! By helping your child to love sleeping in a gentle,  
rather than a punishing way, you will be giving them a gift that will last them a lifetime. And I designed my methods  
to help you do just that. 
My methods are age appropriate, tailored to your child, evidence based and compatible with responsive parenting.  
This means that I will never ever suggest you leave your baby to cry! 
We will pull together all you know about your child and all I know from having dedicated my life to help parents like you  
and we will find the right solution. 

With me as your sleep consultant 

Your baby won’t be left crying 
You and your baby will have more sleep 
I will support you every step of the way 
Marta Gardner gentle sleep consultant
My story 
As a sleep consultant, it would be easy to assume my 
children sleep like angels. But like all parents, I’ve 
experienced my fair share of sleepless nights. 
As a mum to three children (two born with sleep- 
affecting health conditions), it's safe to say my methods 
have been well and truly tested! 
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