Healthworks Gentle Sleep Workshops

​Want to prevent sleep problems?

Worried about your baby’s sleep?

Book a Healthworks Gentle Sleep Workshop today!

You will feel empowered, supported, and ready to enable

your baby to become a confident sleeper without tears.



​​Sleep during the Fourth Trimester

(Birth to 12 weeks)
Sunday 4th June and 9th of July


The Mill, 7 Coppermill Lane, E17 7HA

Book if you are having problems with:
-Establishing a routine
-Help your baby develop a positive attitude to sleep
-Set up the perfect sleep environment
-Excessive night wakings
-Sleep associations


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From 4 months

Sunday 4th June and 9th of July


The Mill, 7 Coppermill Lane, E17 7HA

Book to help your baby become an independent sleeper
This session will cover:
-Sleep regressions
-Help your baby fall asleep and get back to sleep independently
-Eliminate/reduce night wakings without tears
-Delay early wakings
-Night weaning
-Moving your baby to the cot, bed and/or nursery

Every session will include:
Time for questions
FREE Gentle Sleep Diary to help you create a personalised routine


All the workshops can be attended by mums and dads with bumps or babies. Because we have limited space it's only one parent per ticket I am afraid but you can buy 2 tickets if you both want to come. The Mill has tea and coffee making facilities if one parent wants to hang out in the communal area and meet other parents.

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"Thanks so much for the workshop, it really have me confidence to start trying new things and I feel things are starting to change for the better already."


"I found the workshop amazing, so useful and sleep has already improved so thanks to yourself and Marta for running this!"

"Hi Marta, I attended one of your workshops in Walthamstow and it has given me the confidence to come on leaps and bounds with Walter's nighttime sleeping. He generally now goes off to sleep very quickly and calmly."