"We saw Marta at the Sleep Clinic and figured out why she is know as 'Magical Marta'!


We built rapport straight away and I knew she understood us and our 1 year old, Max. One hour later we knew exactly what we needed to do. Our son is now napping in his cot and sleeping through."

Sarah & Max 

If your child struggles to:

​Get enough sleep

Fall asleep independently

Nap regularly and for at least a sleep cycle

Get through the bedtime routine without crying

Sleep during the night

Fall asleep or return to sleep without your support

Book a Consultation today

Last few consultations

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July & August

GenTle Sleep Clinic ConsultatiON


For less complex needs

Sleep assessment and sleep diary analysis

Gentle Sleep Consultation

Personalised schedule, your dream

routine and ways to settle your baby


1 Follow up email - to be used within a week

£100              Book

Sleep Clinic


​Plus 2 Weeks Support


Sleep assessment and sleep diary analysis

Gentle Sleep Consultation

Bespoke Gentle Sleep Plan

2 weeks Full Support

1 Follow up email to be used within 6 months. Great to get you back on track after holidays or illnesses


£250              Book

Both Consultations include:


My Comprehensive Gentle Sleep Booklet packed with tried and tested gentle strategies, top tips, the science of sleep, how to support healthy brain development and attachments, what to expect at your child’s age, gentle sleep strategies for naps, bedtime and night wakings, weaning

My commitment to you

I will support you to achieve your sleep goals in accordance with your parenting style

I will never suggest that you leave your child crying

I will only suggest strategies I KNOW will work for you and your baby

My support will be

Based on evidence supporting healthy brain development

Tailored for your child, to address his/her individual sleep issues

Age appropriate and manageable

What to expect

During the initial consultation we will

Look all aspects of your child’s routine. Including day time activities, naps, temperament, health, feeding and, of course, sleep

Identify your child’s sleep pattern and sleep associations

Explore sleep problems and ways to improve sleep

I will make suggestions and will only include the ones you agree with in the Sleep Plan



Bespoke Gentle Sleep Plan will include

All we discussed during the Initial Consultation

Step by step plan to improve your child’s sleep

Guide to how much your baby ‘needs’ to sleep

Specialist strategies for resolving sleep issues

Suggested routine specific for your child

Marta is proud to present the weekly Paediatric Sleep Show on: