Gentle Sleep MasterclasSES

6 - 18 months

50% of proceeds to  Walthamstow Toy Library

Gentle Sleep Masterclasses have Sold Out for over 5 years and have improved the sleep of hundred of children.

Now, more than ever, I want to reach out and support sleep deprived parents. If your family is well (am I really hope you and your loved ones are!), this is good opportunity to focus on helping your baby become a confident sleeper. It's an opportunity too good to miss.

If your baby struggles to

- Fall asleep or return to sleep without your support

- Get enough sleep

- Get through the bedtime routine without crying

- Sleep during the night

Here is why

During my Masterclass I share my absolute TOP strategies with you

There will be no holding back!


You will feel EMPOWERED, ready to enjoy parenting to the MAX!

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For a £40 investment you will learn

- Strategies to help your baby fall asleep independently

-Effective nap and bedtime routines

-How to reduce/eliminate night wakings

-Ways to reduce/eliminate the need to rock or feed to sleep


PLUS! You will take away

-Practical strategies for YOUR sleep concerns

-Access to an exclusive Facebook group

A unique, affordable opportunity to access


-Expert advice based on the latest sleep research

-Evidence based No Tears Sleep strategies

Virtual Gentle Sleep Masterclasses

11th June 11-12pm


50% of the proceeds go directly to the Walthamstow Toy Libray

I will only release a few tickets and Masterclasses will SELL OUT x

Outdated controlled cry methods can be very upsetting to both children and parents and there is evidence to suggest they can have long lasting detrimental effects

My tried and tested Gentle Sleep strategies are based on the latest evidence on sleep and brain development. By using them you will be able to support your child to become a confident sleeper without tears


“I used your strategies and Frankie is not having long naps in his cot and only waking up once to feed. Will definitely recommend you to all my tired friends. Thank you.” Sophie, Frankie 6months

“My husband bought me a ticket as a present. Best present ever! Bobbie’s sleep has improved so much. You were right, he was overtired. We have a lovely (flexy) routine and I feel like I know what I am doing.” Natalie, Bobbie 4months