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Found the phone conversations invaluable. So helpful to talk through each day and troubleshoot - gave me the strength to continue and not give up!" 
Emily, Edith's Mummy ( 6 weeks old ) 
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Good question, we need to be a good match. 
Reading my approach, qualifications and experience will help, you can also look at my Google Reviews and Social Media.  
So, why me? Two reasons... 
I will make the reasons why your child isn’t sleeping crystal clear and give you practical, simple, tailored sleep solutions, that you can put in practice straight away 
You will feel totally supported. I will guide and motivate you. I will never put pressure on you or make you feel guilty. My approach is gentle on babies AND on parents! 
Fun fact… 
Over 80% of parents book my services because their friends recommended me. 
Here are the top reasons why... 
Working with me you will access my tried and tested unique, tailored gentle sleep solutions 
I only work with a few parents at a time so when you need support, you will have all my attention 
You will feel motivated and empowered to address your child’s sleep 
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I offer Video Calls to parents all over the world. 
I also have lots of experience supporting parents who travel regularly and/ or live in more than one country. 
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I have excellent success rates, but it would be wrong for me, or any Sleep Consultant to offer guarantees. 
Most parents see improvements in just a few days, others report gradual results. If you choose the One Off Consultation (LINK), we will check progress the following week and will adjust the plan so that you continue to see improvements 
If you are booking a Video Consultation (please change name once I sent it, sorry! LINK) with follow up support, we will constantly revise the plan to make sure the results keep on coming. 
Sleep shaping takes patience, time and persistence. If you are ready to stay consistent, I would hope you see quick and long-lasting results. 
On thing is for sure, you will feel supported and even after we say goodbye, you will know what to do to keep seeing improvements on your child’s sleep. 
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During the 2 weeks support: 
I work with a limited caseload so that I will be available when you need me 
My working hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday 
We will keep in touch via daily calls and messages, whichever you prefer 
If your baby becomes poorly during our time together, we will pause the support and restart once he is feeling better 
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Currently, I offer two consultations and virtual workshops. 
If you are not sure which one to book, complete the Sleep Assessment and I will be in touch to help you decide. 
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No, unless you specifically ask me for help with weaning, I would never suggest you stop breastfeeding. Having breastfed 3 children, I totally understand how difficult (and emotional!) the decision to wean can be. 
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If your baby is going through a ‘regression’, is poorly or teething, it might be best to wait a few more weeks. Rest as much as you can right now so you are ready to shape your child’s sleep at the best time for them. 
I would also suggest that you wait until you have one-two weeks in a row to focus on sleep and whether now is the best time for you. If you are suffering from PND and as a result, sleep deprivation, consider seeking help before addressing your baby’s sleep. 
Newborn to six months 
My approach is age appropriate and doesn’t involve leaving your baby to cry. This means, we can start working on your baby’s sleep right from the start. The earliest I would suggest is 8 weeks. 
Up to 6 months, I will help you to build strong sleep foundations. I will guide you to setup the perfect sleep environment and to understand your baby’s sleep cues so you can follow their rhythm and build a reliable, predictable schedule that suits you both. 
Six months to five years old 
From 6 months onwards, we will work together on all elements of your child’s sleep to put in place a predictable schedule and work on sleep associations such as feeding or being rocked to sleep. 
We will work together to help your child be able to fall asleep and stay asleep in their cot or your bed, whichever you prefer 
If you feel your child’s sleep issues are behavioural, you can also contact my husband, Gentle Parenting Consultant. 
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I will not suggest that you leave your child to cry, my sleep solutions are gentle on both children and parents. In my experience, you will see results by working with your child, not against them. 
By using my sleep solutions, alongside your amazing parenting you will continue to develop secure attachments and promote healthy brain development. It will help you enjoy parenting too! 
By using my evidence-based strategies to improve your child’s schedule, pre-sleep routines and sleep environment, you will minimise the chances of your child crying. 
However, that is not to say your child won’t cry. Crying is your child’s way of communicating, it is absolutely normal for children to cry. Your child’s Sleep Plan will include a personalised strategy so you can fully support your child when they cry. Many parents actually use the same strategies to help with many other aspects of parenting! 
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Generally, parents are more than ready to say goodbye at the end of the 2 weeks support. After all we might have been in touch a few times a day during that time. 
Before I close your case, I will want to make sure you are happy with what the next steps are. For example, what happens next time you travel, your child is poorly or there is a ‘regression’. 
It is unlikely you will need it, but if necessary, you can purchase additional support (LINK). 
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You are sleep deprived, not enjoying parenting as much as you thought you would, your relationships and career are starting to suffer. 
The question I would like you to ask is what is holding me back? 
Book now and in a few days, you will be saying goodbye to 3am internet searches! You will be using modern, age appropriate, tailored, gentle sleep solutions to help you achieve transformational results! 
Now is the right time to be crystal clear on how you can help your child become a confident sleeper without tears. I want to be on your side, giving you all the tools and confidence to do it 
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