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If you're planning to help your baby become a confident sleeper without tears you need to read this!  
Like so many parents, while I was pregnant with my third child I had a major concern – Sleep Deprivation... 
This wasn't my first rodeo and I have helped hundreds of children become confident sleepers. On paper, my third baby was supposed to be a dream sleeper, right? 
Nah, I knew my baby wasn't going to exceptional. He would be a human baby, designed to want to be with me, sleep in small chunks and feed regularly. 
I was determined give this baby all he needed, for life to carry on as normal for the other two and to stay committed to my work and our home. Ha! 
And I was not alone, I see this type of pressure and expectation all the time. Is this you? 
If this resonates with you, may I suggest that you take a few days off to focus on you. Put down the books, come away from search engines. Block out loud voices and listen to yourself and your baby. 
When you're ready, grab a cup of tea, pen and paper and instead of searching for answers out there, write your baby's very own Sleep Plan instead 
Helping your baby to become a confident sleeper takes time and patience. It is hard to stay motivated and consistent when you haven’t slept for 6 months! 
Firstly, assess your baby's sleep. You want to check if the schedule and the sleep environment are just right for your baby. 
Secondly, make a note of: 
A. Where you are now, for example, you have to feed you baby to sleep 
B. Where you want to be, for example, you would your baby to fall asleep in the cot 
Next, make a note of how can you can from A to B. If it’s too big a jump, your baby will need you to bridge the gap. 
The most important factor in gentle sleep training is that you stay consistent. And to stay consistent, you have to choose the right time for you, when you are ready. 
In my case, I wasn't ready to fully commit until my baby was around 18 months. 
It is never (ever!) too late. Ever. 
Take care yourself sleepy parents and let me know how you get on! 
Marta x 
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