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Comfort objects can help children make the transition to independence from being held to sleep. It can also help to say goodbye to dummies. 
The trick is to help your child to associate the object, like a teddy, with you. 
Here is how you can do it: 
-Include the comforter in calm activities you do with your child. Snuggle it between you both during feeding and cuddling 
-Once you notice the comforter if having an effect, start using it to replace it for yourself gradually. For example, place the comforter in the bed/cot and say your sleepy cue (e.g. night, night). If it doesn’t work, do what works until your child is calmer and try again 
-Avoid washing the comforter and always have a spare one which you will also have to condition. It needs to smell like you! 
-Once you feel it’s safe (and not before your child is one), the comforter should be easily accessible to your child 
It will take a good month of continuous daily conditioning before you notice the comforter is having an effect. 
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