Newborn - 6 months Sleep Shaping

Is your baby under 6 months?

Want to set a strong foundation for good sleep?

Not your first baby and you need to adjust your existing routine?

Evidence tells us that sleep training is best left for later on. But before 6 months, you can lay the foundations for good sleeping routines and associations



-Video call consultation lasting 1 hour


-Bespoke Sleep Shaping Plan including all you need to know to help your baby sleep


-Advice on creating schedules, information on baby sleep patterns,

sleep associations and what to expect from your baby


-Follow up support for 1 week (2 follow ups via phone/video call/email)



£250 with additional home visit


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What to expect

During the initial consultation we will:

-Look all aspects of your child’s routine. Including day time activities, naps, temperament, health, feeding and, of course, sleep


-Identify your child’s sleep pattern and sleep associations


-Explore sleep problems and ways to improve sleep

-I will make suggestions and will only include the ones you agree with in the Sleep Plan

Bespoke Gentle Sleep Plan Includes:

-All we discussed during the Initial Consultation

-Step by step plan to improve your child's sleep

-Guide to how much your baby ‘needs’ to sleep

-Specialist strategies for resolving sleep issues

-Suggested routine specific for your child


Based on evidence supporting healthy brain development

Tailored for your child, to address his/her individual sleep issues

Age appropriate and manageable