The Ultimate Birth and Beyond Super Support Bundle

Do you want to feel like you are completely being taken care of throughout your pregnancy?

That you are getting all the expert support that you need, on hand from the most trusted and experienced practitioners?

To feel really calm and confident to enjoy those first few tentative weeks of motherhood? With me by your side, holding your hand when you need it.

Well.... I have designed this VERY VERY VERY SPECIAL programme to do exactly that!! 

What's included?

  • One four hour private hypnobirthing class with myself, to ensure you feel really confident and excited to meet your baby

  • One session in pregnancy with experienced osteopath Rebecca, to ensure your pelvis is aligned for birth. Rebecca works from her clinic in East London

  • One four hour private antenatal class with myself tailored to your individual needs, so that you are birth ready! Including; active positions for birth, birth plan, rebozo for baby's position, breastfeeding masterclass, having a newborn- what to expect AND how to survive, and ending with a super relaxing hypnosis for birth session

  • One pregnancy massage by wonderful Massaging Midwife Joanna  to ensure your are feeling calm and relaxed before baby arrives

  • My Align Your Baby online course to encourage baby into a better position for an easier birth

  • One postnatal visit of up to four hours within the first few days after your baby is born. I will ensure that you feel really confident to breastfeed and care for your baby in every way

  • One session with an amazing lactation consultant within the first two weeks after birth

  • One postnatal visit of up to four hours 1-3 weeks after your baby is born for ongoing support and care

  • One Skype session and two weeks of follow up with Gentle Sleep Consultant Marta, to ensure your baby develops healthy sleep habits

  • My ongoing support by email and phone EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!



All of this wonderful nourishing care (except the osteopathy) will take place in your home, let us come to you!!



The whole programme is designed to fit around your life and your needs! We will be on hand at the right time for you.


The Ultimate Birth and Beyond Support Bundle costs £1888 for you and your partner. This includes the four private sessions with myself, osteopathy, massage, online Align Your Baby course, sleep consultant, lactation consultant and complete peace of mind. Knowing you are in the safest hands in the baby business, receiving the best care!!

Warmest wishes

Nissa x

To find out more about this amazing support and care, just drop Nissa a line!!

I am truly delighted to be part of this amazing support bundle for new parents put together by the super talented Nissa, The Hypnobirthing Midwife.

Forget the expensive pram and treat yourself to this!

Here are the details: