By following my methods you will enable your child to become a confident sleeper without tears
-Is your child waking up through the night?
-Does your child need to be fed or rocked to sleep?
-Do nap times last less than you would like?
-Are you too tired to cope with your day?
We need to talk!
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I will help you to:

-Improve naps, bedtime and reduce/eliminate night wakings

-Move to cot/bed/nursery

-Develop a routine for twins/siblings

-Welcome new baby into the family

- Delay early wakings

-Help your child develop a positive attitude to bedtime

-Manage night terrors and nightmares

I remember what lack of sleep feels like. But like me and so many other parents you can help your baby sleep well using gentle methods.


If you want to prevent sleep problems or feel your child’s sleep has become a problem I can help!


As your baby’s Gentle Sleep Consultant I will assess their needs and your concerns. You will then be able to implement a comprehensive Bespoke Sleep Plan written by me, specifically for your baby. You will know what to expect from your child at different ages and how to enable them to become confident, independent sleepers.


My methods are gentle, holistic, multi-sensory and entirely compatible with attachment parenting. 


You will feel confident, empowered, supported, and, above all….well rested!

I would LOVE to hear from you!

Email, find me on Facebook, Instagram or fill in the contact form

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Marta x

"The sleep plan was very gentle and completely adapted to his needs. It felt very flexible and we were eased into it perfectly"

Michael, Olly's Daddy

1 year old

"I found the phone conversations invaluable. So helpful to talk through each day and troubleshoot - gave me the strength to continue and not give up!"

Emily, Edith's Mummy

6 weeks old



Pediatric Sleep Consultant Level 3

NCT Antenatal Teacher

Bsc Psychology

Brief Solution Focused Therapy

Information Advice and Guidance Level 4

NSPCC Excessive Crying

NSPCC Supporting Parents during Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Current DBS & Insurance

"...Jack sleeps in his own bed all night without a bottle which is a great improvement from when we first started the plan!"

Martha, Jack's Mummy

2 years old

"The idea that we are helping Holly feel secure in bed was a crucial concept for me to understand in order to help him sleep better so thank you for that!"

Tim, Holly's Daddy

4 months

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