Baby, toddler & Child


Just like adults, children need to feel secure, safe in order to sleep well.


My methods are designed for parents who want their children to sleep well but do not want them to be distressed by the process.


I offer bespoke approaches, which address the specific reasons for each child’s sleeplessness. The solutions I use have long lasting effects, are gentle and safe.

I will support you to develop a gentle routine that suits you and your child

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Work with Marta

Marta's Gentle Sleep Methods follow children's healthy developmentand focus on forming secure attachments


Decisions decisions...

Not sure what to choose? Complete the Gentle Sleep Assessment and I will help you decide.


We can even have a chat before you book.


I will ALWAYS suggest the best option for your family, if I feel confident that a One-Off call will be enough, that is what I will recommend